Control of Non-Conformity

The company ensures that when critical limits for CCPs are exceeded or there is a loss of control of operational PRPs, the products affected are identified and controlled with regard to their use and release. A documented procedure on this (handling of potentially unsafe products, BZR/OP/005) defines;

a) The identification and assessment of affected end products to determine their proper handling, and
b) A review of the corrections carried out.

Products manufactured under conditions where critical limits have been exceeded are potentially unsafe products and are handled in accordance with the handling of potentially unsafe products procedure. Products manufactured under conditions where operational PRP(s) have not been conformed with are evaluated with respect to the cause(s) of the nonconformity and to the consequences thereof in terms of food safety and are, where necessary, handled in accordance with BZR/OP/005. The evaluation is recorded.

All corrections are approved by the responsible person(s), (Mr Onan and Ms Racheal) and are recorded together with information on the nature of the nonconformity, its cause(s) and consequence(s), including information needed for traceability purposes related to the nonconforming lots.

Review Output
Data derived from the monitoring of operational PRPs and CCPs is evaluated by designated person(s) with sufficient knowledge and authority to initiate corrective actions. Corrective actions are initiated when critical limits are exceeded or when there is a lack of conformity with operational PRPs.

Appropriate actions are then taken to identify and eliminate the cause of detected nonconformities, to prevent recurrence, and to bring the process or system back into control after nonconformity is encountered.

These actions include;
a) Reviewing nonconformities (including customer comments),
b) Determining the cause(s) of nonconformities,
c) Evaluating the need for action to ensure that nonconformities do not reoccur,
d) Determining and implementing the actions needed,
e) Recording the results of corrective actions taken, and
f ) Reviewing corrective actions taken to ensure their effectiveness.

All corrective actions are recorded (ref: BZR/GEN/20).

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